Our Name

AmiMya Latin Cuisine was an easy choice as the name for our restaurant. Chef Andris chose the names of her youngest daughters (Ami & Mya), adding a personal touch, reminding her of what she loves most and what her motivation is to cook incredible food for everyone to enjoy.

Our Guarantee 

Our family owned and operated restaurant is a breath of fresh air for Charlotte and its surrounding cities. The food will always look, smell, and taste great! We keep it clean, fresh, and tasty!

See you at AmiMya Latin Cuisine!

About Us

We decided to open AmiMya Latin Cuisine because everyone who would try Chef Andri’s food would always mention how fresh and delicious everything smelled, looked, and above all, tasted. Wether we cooked for family and/or friends gatherings, or catered for any event, we always received rave reviews and major compliments. That served as the inspiration for us to finally open our family owned and operated restaurant. 

We put love into what we do. Chef Andri’s with her blessed and incredibly delicious creations, and the rest go the team which will be serving you with joy, know that you will be making AmiMya Latin Cuisine your new go-to when you are craving some unforgettable deliciousness. 

Why eat at AmiMya (Amy-Mya) Latin Cuisine? Chef Andris says it best: “Your tastebuds will thank you and I promise that you will be back for more. I make all of my food with love, not just great seasoning.”

Chef Andris is blessed with God-given culinary talent. Every time she cooked for our church, family, friends, and for special events, everyone would tell her that her hands are blessed and that she should open a restaurant. We took that advice!